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Lasagna Beef 2 kg

A lasagna with Dafgård's self-made pasta, sauce Beef Bolognese,and a creamy Bechamel sauce topped with Emmental cheese.

Product information

Sales unit KAR
Base Unit KG
Number Package 4
Box Weight 8.00 KG
Product Weight 2000.00 G
Serving Size 375.00 G





Durum- and wheat flour, MILK, beef, water, tomatoes, onion, CREAM, carrots, modified WHEATSTARCH, CHEESE, tomato paste, salt, sugar, BUTTER, spices(a.o. garlic, paprika), white vine vinegar(antioxidant E224), EGGS. Meat content: 14%

Allergy information (included in the recipe)

Apricot seeds Fish Celery Poppy seed Sesame Nuts Milk protein Pine kernels Mollusc Sunflower seed Peanuts Sulfur dioxide, sulphite Mustard Egg protein Leguminous plant/Pulses Crustaceans Lactose Gluten Soy protein Lupine Barley Kamut Oat Rye Spelt Wheat Almond Brazil nut Cashew Hazelnut Macadamia Pecan Pistachio Queensland nut Walnut

Nutrition /100 gram

Energy, KJ 566.00
Energy, kcal 135.00
Fat 6.10 g
- of which saturated fat 3.10 g
Carbohydrates 14.00 g
- of which sugars 2.40 g
Fiber 0.90 g
Protein 5.70 g
Salt 0.92 g
Natrium 0.40
- of which monosaccharides 0.70
- of which disaccharides 1.71


Min: -24°C

Max: -18°C

Shelf life

365 days

Packaging information

Base level
Width-UoM Base 232.000
Weight Base 2.038
EAN/UPC-code Base 97310960601497
Weight Unit Base KG
Height-UoM Base 50.000
Length-UoM Base 292.000
Net Weight Base
Width-UoM Intermediate 263.000
Weight Intermediate 8.492
EAN/UPC-code Intermediate 17310960601491
Weight Unit Intermediate KG
Height-UoM Intermediate 122.000
Length-UoM Intermediate 593.000
Net Weight Intermediate 2.000
Top Level
Width-UoM Top 800.000
Intermediate Top 483.568
EAN/UPC-code Top 37310960601495
Weight Unit Top KG
Height-UoM Top 1248.000
Length-UoM Top 1200.000
Net Weight Top 432.000

Lasagna Beef 2 kg

Lasagna Beef 2 kg
The product composition may be changed at any time.
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