Art.No. 2730

Chicken Quiche 240g

Quiche with chicken, mozzarella, broccoli and sun dried tomato filling.

Product information

Sales unit KAR
Base Unit ST
Number Package 14
Box Weight 3.36 KG
Product Weight 240.00 G
Serving Size 240.00 G




Allergy information (included in the recipe)

Apricot seeds Fish Celery Poppy seed Sesame Nuts Milk protein Pine kernels Mollusc Sunflower seed Peanuts Sulfur dioxide, sulphite Mustard Egg protein Leguminous plant/Pulses Crustaceans Lactose Gluten Soy protein Lupine Barley Kamut Oat Rye Spelt Wheat Almond Brazil nut Cashew Hazelnut Macadamia Pecan Pistachio Queensland nut Walnut

Nutrition /100 gram

Energy, KJ 1032.00
Energy, kcal 247.00
Fat 16.00 g
- of which saturated fat 9.70 g
Carbohydrates 16.00 g
- of which sugars 2.00 g
Fiber 1.20 g
Protein 9.30 g
Salt 1.00 g


Min: -25°C

Max: -18°C

Shelf life

365 days

Packaging information

Base level
Width-UoM Base 181.000
Weight Base 0.271
EAN/UPC-code Base 7310960027300
Weight Unit Base KG
Height-UoM Base 171.000
Length-UoM Base 30.000
Net Weight Base
Width-UoM Intermediate 196.000
Weight Intermediate 4.004
EAN/UPC-code Intermediate 17310960027307
Weight Unit Intermediate KG
Height-UoM Intermediate 220.000
Length-UoM Intermediate 376.000
Net Weight Intermediate 0.240
Top Level
Width-UoM Top 800.000
Intermediate Top 265.240
EAN/UPC-code Top 37310960027301
Weight Unit Top KG
Height-UoM Top 1250.000
Length-UoM Top 1200.000
Net Weight Top 201.600

Chicken Quiche 240g

Chicken Quiche 240g
The product composition may be changed at any time.
Therefore always read the ingredient list on the packaging.